Frustrated, listen to me whine

I am 31 years of age, and it has been a personal dream of mine to pitch 90. Don’t ask me why, I don’t play ball amateurly, or professionally.

I’m a 5’11 175lbs submariner who can top out at only 64-65 mph (I have a stalker pro radar gun). I’ve tried the over hand delivery used by so many but I rarely break 60 with it. My submariner delivery wears my arm out very quiclkly, but it is where I reach my peak velocity. Sometimes the pain is excruciating and even effects my driving. (I drive stick).

I’ve been throwing more frequently and have this fascination with velocity. I just want to know how to increase mine. I’d be happy with just a few more MPH just to see progress and keep working on it.

Recently I took about a 6 or 7 day break from hard throwing and worked out at the gym for a bit. Yesterday I was throwing submariner and reaching 62-63 more consistently. I threw for a while without any arm pain and lasted longer than before. I was wondering if anyone knew any good tips on increasing velocity.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If your arm hurts that badly, consider changing your arm slot…meaning going over the top than submarine. I’ve seen submarine pitchers and they never seem to throw as hard as a over-the-top pitcher, as a submarine pitcher is more into decieving the batter with the ackward arm position and how the ball moves.

Does your shoulder or elbow hurt? Try throwing from a high 3/4 your gonna get more velocity pushing the back of the ball (a la overhand) than throwing through the side of it (submarine) try using your lower 1/2 too…stay back a little more when you throw.

Few things that will help maybe