Frustrated about preparing for pitching. Please give input!

ending the high school season i entered another league to keep my pitching solid. in high school i felt the best prepared ever to make my starts. thats because we practice every day, and i bullpened every day before the start. but in this new league. i feel like i dont prepare myself good for outings.
i was supposed to be the ACE pitcher for the team suince they saw how i pitched in highschool. but we dont even practice at all!!!all i work on by myself is in hitting. but throwin and throwing bullpen hasnt happened in a month. i do not feel the confidence in me that i can throw hard strikes beacause i feel like i havnt worked on pitching.
the coaches feel as if pitchign for me just comes natural like if any day they feel like pitching me im goin to just dominate. i dont think that works for me. i feel like saying im NOT GOING TO PITCH UNTIL I HAVE WORKED ON PITCHING. every once in a while i feel as if i lost some velocity because i havent worked in pitching. i certantly do not want that to happen.

Some coaches!
I can give you a couple of suggestions that might help. First of all, you need to disregard those coaches who think that pitching is as natural as brushing your teeth. It is not. I would try to find a coach who really knows his stuff—preferably an active pitcher or one who’s not far removed from the game—and ask him to work with you on some of the things you feel you need to know. I was lucky when I was a kid—at the age of 16 I learned to throw the slider, and I learned from an active major-league pitcher who doubled as an extra pitching coach for one of the great teams. I worked with him for a little over three years, and what I learned from him was nothing short of priceless.
And here’s something I used to do when I was a little snip of twelve. I had a natural sidearm delivery and a pretty good little curve ball, and I picked up a few other breaking pitches, and I used to work on things this way: I would find a good catcher, and we would mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate 60’6" apart, and we would play a game we called “ball and strike”. The purpose of this was to sharpen up my control, and the catcher would position his mitt high, low, inside, outside, down the middle, you name it, and what I had to do was get the ball into the pocket of that mitt. It was more than just a drill—it was a good workout and a lot of fun besides. Even well into my playing days I would continue to do this; I didn’t have a fast ball to speak of and I had to become a “snake jazz” pitcher, and some of the stuff I threw required a finer degree of control than others, so I continued with this little game of “ball and strike”.
And you might think about what pitches would serve you best. Are you a fireballer, or a finesse pitcher, or a little of both? One thing I would definitely advise—stay away from the screwball. That’s a pitch that if you throw it too much and too often will literally screw up your arm, no pun intended—look what happened to Carl Hubbell! I remember my pitching coach asking me about it, and when I told him I didn’ t throw it, even though I knew how, he said "Good for you. You don’t need it."
Above all—stay with it. You have the raw materials; you just need to refine them, and that’s where a good pitching coach can help. :slight_smile:

thank you for your advice.
you were really positive and thats one thing i dont have in my family.
people that supports me they are always on the negatice side.
thank you very much.
i will sertantly play the little game of STRIKES and BALLS.
thanks again.

Zita Carno gave you advice that’s a career builder. It doesn’t get any better, any more solid, any more worth it’s weight.

If you have a printer, I strongly suggest printing out Zita Carno’s post. Like I said… it doesn’t get better than that.

Coach B.

Zita is my new hero for the overuse but completly necessary use of the word “snake jazz”. I think it is the best new term I have heard. Its probably old, no offense I actually googled it to look into where you got it from. I seriously love it, its just awesome.

I mean it just fits and works theres something about it. :smiley: :smiley: