Frontfoot, backfoot landing?

Lol…being a coach and catcher at the same time does sometimes takes its toll on the whole process.
It somehow got snowed under that my boy lands on his front foot prior to the pitch. Ive known this but as a cather im mainly focussing on his delivery and my personal protection-)
But watching a training session ive found out he is also doing the same thing when he throws in the field. This kind of stuff is best viewed from the side…a position i dont find myself in all too often.

Anyways…are we having a problem here or what?
In my opinion one should land on the heel like a plane…on the other hand he is comfortable with it!?

from s.ellis
Very common problem is the front foot (plant foot and knee) landing either too stiff or too loose. Some kids bend the front knee too much at foot plant, which lowers their upper body and puts stress on the shoulder and they lose velocity. Some keep the knee to straight at plant and can’t follow-through and usually pitch high. The plant foot needs to land on the inside ball of the foot on a straight line from the post leg toward home. The landing can be influenced by the foot landing on the heel first, which tends to lock-up the front knee, which then leads to standing up and not following through. Usually this is a high pitch. Some kids land either too far left or right of this line which leads to “opening” the shoulder too soon, or being too closed which also causes loss of velocity. The resistance generated by the plant foot and knee are very important to everything, but especially velocity. Try throwing without landing on your front foot, you can’t throw very hard can you?

Some pitchers land heel first, some land flat-footed, and some land on the ball of their foot. None of these is wrong although landing on the heel can be an indicator of another issue such as a lack of momentum. If the rest of the mechanics are in order then how a pitcher lands is a non-issue.

ok cool…is there a pitcher in mlb who lands frontfoot first?

i am assuming you mean toe first, I really don’t know who does but I would assume if you slowed your action down, your foot probably lands pretty flat. It is very difficult to land on your toe if you have any sizeable stride at all.

Pedro Martinez landed slightly toe or front-of-foot first. From the videos I could find- and they weren’t that good- Cliff Lee looks to land slightly toe-side first as well.

Guess I didn’t understand what landing “front foot” means. :reallyconfused:

Yea that is a little weird “Front foot”, I understood the comment as front foot toe lead vs heal lead.

lol…what i meant was toes first or heel first.

I think the majority lands on his heels so would it be big if someone landed toes first?


Actually the majority of pitchers land fairly flat, there are a number of pitchers that land heal first and I really can’t find any that actually land toe first but there are a few I am sure.