Front shoulder soreness


hi, I was pitching the other day and after the game, I felt a little sore on the middle and front of
my shoulder. I know that I was not hurt, just pretty sore on my shoulder. And not only today it always happens. Is it ok?
Does anyone know why?
Like am I opened up?
or is it normal?
Can someone please help me?


In my opinion it sounds like overuse from throwing without the completion of rotator cuff exercises. Likely just need to build rotator cuff strength or it could develop into tendonitis. If you’re really worried about it, see a chiropractor. They’ll give you an adjustment.


ok, thanks


No problem, do you do rotator cuff exercises? If not, as a beginner I’d look into “Throwers 10”.


I do not. But I will start to research on it.


Are you using weighted balls of any kind?


no. I do not


Good, do not use weighted balls. They can cause injury.


This could be a lack of conditioning issue, an overuse issue, or a mechanics/timing issue. Or a combination of any of these. But we cannot be sure with the info provided.

Why see a chiropractor for shoulder pain?

Also, there are safe weighted ball programs out there provided by reputable organizations.