Front shoulder pain

I am 16 years old and after playing catch and chasing down a ball that was overthrown, I threw the ball back and felt pain in the front of my shoulder. I gave it one week and went it did not go away I went to a sports doctor and he diagnosed it as sprain shoulder. I began to rehab it and when my strength return I attempted to pitch off the mound with the trainer’s permission at 75% but I was only able to throw 3 pitches before the pain returned. When I went back to the trainer, my strength was very low, back to the original testing from 3 weeks ago. I went back 4 days later and the my strength was back! I again was given permission to try throwing from the mound at 75% effort. Does anybody know what this is all about?

The folks you should be asking are the doctor and the PT guy, right?

It sounds to me like you just tried to do too much too soon. If the first throwing you did after rehab and rest was to pitch off a mound, I would have to question the folk who allowed this to happen. Any injury to the shoulder should be treated with exercise, stretching, and followup by knowledgeable professionals.

In my son’s case, it was no throwing for several weeks, then soft toss, then long toss, extending back to 220 feet. Only when he could throw at this distance without pain was he allowed to try pitching. He did fine in several relief outings, but when he had to pitch 5 innings in long relief, he had a relapse, and had to stop throwing again for another week.

His coach is now using him in limited relief situations, an inning or two, to try and avoid another set back. You should be considering the same thing, i.e., your long term health and ability to pitch into and through high school.

Good luck, and talk to your doc!

Dear Fastball:

I am sorry to hear about your shoulder. It is funny that this subject comes up because one of our position players is going through the same thing. I would be proactive and start looking at my throwing mechanics, once the arm pain has disappeared. Chances are, if this is not changed, the arm pain will reappear once throwing resumes.

Quesions to consider: Is my delivery smooth through ball release? Is my lower body helping with tempo, reducing stress on my arm? Am I throwing across my body in a dramatic way? Does my arm get a “long” swing out of the glove to help generate momentum in my throw? Backwards chaining is a great way to improve throwing mechanics. Try segmenting the process down and focus on the smaller parts of the whole.

Good Luck…

From my own expierence from this season, I started to drop my elbow late in the games around the fith or sixth inning. Follwing the dropping the elbow i lost speed, everything was going high, the shoulder pain right in the front began. But in ur case i dont no if its really when ur pitching or even in the field

i had a problem kind of like this in pre season. when my coach and i broke it down in video, we saw i was out of rhythem when i was pitching, my lead shoulder flying open while i was leaving my throwing arm back. This put a hell of a lot of strain on my shoulder and when we fixedt he mechanic problems, i was throwing basically pain free. give that a try when you’re cleared to throw (not taking your arm as far back)