Front shoulder opening too quick

hi guys, just needed some help on what kind of drills i can do to keep my front shoulder from opening up to soon. thanks

Possibly the two most common causes of early shoulder rotation are postural issues and glove issues.

Tilting the head and spine to the side can pull the shoulders open early. Practice throwing while keeping the head and spine upright and online with the target as close to shoulder rotation as possible.

Dropping the glove, pulling the glove or flying open with the glove will also usually lead to early shoulder rotation. Try focusing on keeping the glove out front where you first extend it out to until as close to foot plant as possible. Then as the shoulders start to rotate, swivel the glove but keep it out front while the body tracks towards it.

These adjustments should allow your shoulders to stay closed longer.

thanks very much :smiley:

I have been taught a couple of cues to help me keep my front shoulder on the target. The first is to keep my front side firm - this was hard for me to understand at first - but sometimes I used to let my glove side arm just fall away to my left (I am a RHP).

What my coach told me to do was to think of my glove side arm as a rifle and my upper arm to my shoulder as the site. I should always try to keep this site on target (the catcher’s mitt) as long as I can. This seemed to help - me keep from opening up too early.

Great suggestions so far.

If you need a visual for why this is important, think about a boxer. When they punch, they don’t just stand square to their opponent and punch, they rock back with their body (staying closed) and punch. This gives them the most amount of power.


kidmullen, can you get some video up for us to see?

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Two keys for keeping your front side in. Glove action and foot path. Either will open you prematurely and you are giving up all your leverage once you pull open. Kind of hard to describe but on a key board but here goes.

First get someone who can help you one on one.

Glove action, think about your thumb pointing down at your rib cage when you start to rotate, it then turns up and your chest runs into your glove. Your body moves to your glove not the other way around.

There are many different foot paths but think about driving your heal at the batter. Many young pitchers bring their foot up and then rotate it out and your whole body will open up with it. One way to fight opening early is to bring your foot up and then back down and have it skim the ground with the action I described. Take a look a Barry Zito’s leg action as an example.

Good Luck!

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Try doing this. It is something that has helped me out tremendously. focus on your backside (throwing side) whatever you want call it. Let your backside pull everything around. This helped me store a lot of energy in my frontside and most importantly keep all that momentum going towards the target.

Delayed shoulder rotation is a key to velocity.

Speed up your lower half, ensure better timing. Watch the tilt of the spine through release.

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