Front shoulder and elbow

when i pitch my front elbow isn’t level with my shoulders and my back elbow could this cause control problems because i have a tendency to throw high

Is your front elbow above or below your shoulders? What about your back elbow? Maybe you’re aligning your shoulders uphill? Note that other problems can cause you to throw high so it may not be an issue with your elbow alignment.

my front elbow is below my back elbow and my shoulders. and my shoulders and back elbow are level they arent pointed up or down or anything like that.

Ok. It 's tough to say without seeing you pitch but a likely possibility is that you have a timing problem that’s causing you to open up early. Opening up early often has the effect of pulling back and raising the release point resulting in high pitches. The front side dictates the timing the back side gets to stay closed. If you arm isn’t up in front at foot plant, you will steal timing from your backside and won’t be able to delay shoulder rotation and stay closed as long as you should.