Front leg

Okay I have another question regarding the front leg…I’ve seen pictures and video that have pitchers sort of kick out their front leg and then swing around. Does anyone care how to elaborate on both the purpose of and what to do with your front leg during delivery. Here’s some pitctures:

Absolutely, I’ll take a shot at this great question.

A common trait of elite level pitchers is: They all get their front hip going forward to home plate early.

From some pictures, that can make them actually look like they are leaning back. In fact that is usually not true–the forward momentum of their front hip briefly leaves the rest of their body–the head, torso, and legs–behind. As the stride leg is coming down from its lift it does have to follow an arc-shaped path to catch up and pass the hips into stride.

I don’t think many pitchers, if any, actually “kick out” their leg sideways and then bring it around. It is a smooth arc-shaped motion.

you also have to take the angle that the photos were taken into effect. That makes things look weird.

Good answer from Lee. I’ll add that different pitchers do it differently and you need to do what works for you. However, you don’t want to do something that causes an inappropriate posture change.