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I am a LHP at 6’ 6. My stride is basically my body length and I have been working on videotaping this summer to get ready for college. I have a problem with my front knee. At landing it immediately starts to drift towards third base, not really forward. By the time my shoulders are squared up with home it is very angled towards third. I was wondering if this is a main velocity killing factor. I have been trying to work on it by videotaping and continuous repetition. I was wondering your thoughts on the front knee and what to work on to fix it. I appreciate your input. Thanks all ill try to post a picture.


My experience tells me that the lower front leg and knee aligns itself in the best direction for supporting your body in the direction it is moving. If this is your case, that would tell me your center of mass is moving to the 3B side of home plate. I would start by looking at your starting posture on the rubber and for any postural shifts (i.e. side-to-side head movement) early in your delivery. Tactics that might be appropriate to try including changing your starting posture and/or starting position on the rubber. Do you start on the left side of the rubber?

Getting your center of mass moving in a direction that’s different from where you’re throwing the ball can steal some velocity.


Thanks for the reply. I always start on the left side of the rubber with my toe on the edge of the rubber. I am starting to change this lead knee action and the center of mass makes sense.
In regards to the side to side motion I am starting to work on keeping my lead arm closer to my body instead of swinging it out. This causes my body to tilt towards third base. It has started to help and I am fixing the angle of my shoulders when they face the plate. This is helping a little on the lead leg. I would post a video but so far my computer is not letting me. If you have any tips on the video I could display it so you could get a better idea.
Thanks for your input.


Sounds like you’ve figured out the the lower leg alignment is a result of things that happen earlier in your delivery and you’re putting your focus on the earlier parts of your delivery. So I think you’re on the right track.

What direction do you stride? If you stride to the 1B side, that - coupled with starting on the left side of the rubber - can really set you up for a big posture shift to the 3B side.

Video would really help. Unfortunately, I’ve never post any so I’m not much help there.


[quote=“Roger”]If you stride to the 1B side, that - coupled with starting on the left side of the rubber - can really set you up for a big posture shift to the 3B side.[/quote]Roger, I was about to ask him a question about this very thing. If he’s striding closed, he might have to open that knee up toward 3rd just to be able to throw to the target.


It’s tough, for sure, to determine what’s going on without seeing.


Thanks for advice. My front foot lands perpendicular to the rubber in a straight line from the middle of my back foot to my front toe at landing. I wish I could post a video or picture. I just don’t know how to. I could maybe send it to one of y’all?


For video, you need to post it on YouTube or some other website and then include a link to it in a post here. That’s about all I know.