Front leg to stiff?

I can run the ball up there around 90-94 mph… have some control issues… but i notice when my front foot lands it does not land real smooth and plants real hard and I as i follow through it straightens out pretty hard… will this cause control issues or not allow you to get on top of the ball with good downward tilit??

Thats a hot fb there sonny!
If you’ve reached those speeds I suspect a coach, dad or somebody lurking in the background, what have they told you…It is important at these velo’s not to be confusing and or contradictory. Also a video would help a bunch.

Never really have a had a pitching coach just people that think they know the basics and I have mostly learned everything on my own… I will try to get a video on you tube from one of my college games…but we are in conference right now so it might be a couple of days… thanks and there is anymore advice you can give please do…

Along with video, some profile would be very helpful. In particular: Age, height, weight, waist size, your pitch selection, and where you are in the rotation’s pecking order. Are you a freshman or upper classman? Also, would you describe your physique as slim, average, husky, muscular?

Have you had back, shoulder, or knee injuries? Do you have irregular eating habbits due to time constraints with studies, part tim job, and other events?

In additoni, does your coaching staff have you sloted for any specific role:
starter - releiver - closer - speciality guy. And do you notice or have been told that under certain conditions, you’ll be called into a game on short notice?

Some college clubs center themselves around a certain game plan with a roster that compliments said same. For example, some clubs are noted for their pitching … not their hitting. On the other hand, others are noted for their defensive posture with fielding,… with pitching and hitting taking a back seat. What does your club focus on?

And last… but not least, I’m puzzled by your velocity not drawing the attention of your pitching coach and his/her attention to bring you along?
If you don’t want to comment on this, I understand.

Coach B.

Man it does not matter to me, I will reply to anything… I am a starter at a D1 college… 6’4 190…pretty good athlete I like to compete… In junior college I was drafted in the 37th round… never pitched in highschool… it is amazing what waits and long tossing could do to arm strength and especially jobe exercises… I have a curve ball, fastball, slider and sort of a change (mostly for show)… The only problem is I have a problem consistency throwing strikes but i think if a well known pitching coach gets a hold of me it could be something special…

I watch video’s of Beckett, CLemens, NOlan Ryan and watch there mechanics in very great detail… I notice that there landing leg straigthen after the ball is released but mine is always straigth about a second after i land it and start coming forward… which causes me to not follow through and have bad recoil with my arm… BUT I have never had surgery, arm problems little bit of tendonitis that is it… I take great care of my arm… I really want to play pro ball but I have some kinks I need to fix in mechanics to start throwing more strikes… THanks for all the replies and i will get a video on here asap

which causes me to not follow through and have bad recoil with my arm…

At the top right of this screen you’ll see corrective action for RECOIL…

Notice how Roger Clemens starts his progression forward after his leg lift. And notice how contolled his leg lift is … setting up the rest of his posture, then he shifts his weight while lowering his body just a bit… plants his stride foot… NOT HIS LEG, then he releases and then he will deiberately bury his pitching shoulder into the catcher by bringing his glove shoulder all the back — thus EXCHANGING SHOULDERS in a smooth, continuous motion. Also, notice how relax his pitching arm is … after he completes his ENTIRE delivery motion.

This style of Clemens is basic to your entire process of every pitch. Fastball, breaking stuff and off-speed. It takes a while to discipline yourself. I suggest getting in front of a mirror and teach your body to remember this style in its feeling. With your size and weight, you should bring serious heat to your position, in addtion to staying healthy.

If I were the pitching coach at your D1 institution, you’d being doing mirror time BIG TIME. In fact, it’s not unusual to find mirror drills with pitchers coming off of rehab … so their muscles and body can be back into feeling the proper sequence of muscle(s) act and react.

Also, your targeting routine … 60’6" away could be giving you problems, control wise. If your pitching abstract, without a specific target in mind … or your using the same targeting technique for your fastball…AND your breaking stuff… that can and WILL mess you up big time. Your pitching coach, I’m sure, can elaborate on this for you. (it’s very basic stuff).

Best wishes with your college career and you goals in the game.

Caoch B.

The Roger Clemens example is not at the top of this page, but at the top right-hand section of the LOGIN page. Also, if you go to the VIDEO CLIPS section along the information bar of th main page of LETS TALK PITCHING, and select ROGER CLEMENS, you’ll see what I was refering to.

Sorry about that.

Coach B.

I’m thinking we really need to see some video. You’ve mentioned consistency issues and you’ve described your stride leg straightening early. But two questions come to mind. First, is the leg straightening really something that needs to be fixed? Second, is it the cause of a problem or the result of some earlier problem?