Front Foot Plant

My son (a 15 year old righty) plants his front foot to the right of the center line between the rubber and home plate. He then pitches over his left leg. My belief is this negatively effects velocity and accuracy. I have been trying to get him to plant his front leg on or to the left of the center line. Then pitch either straight out next to his bent front leg or at the worst on top of his left leg. Am I instructing him correctly, any advice would be appreciated?

He should step to the catchers glove side knee or what some people call 2 & 2. 2 inches off center and 2 inches closed to help provide the most balance thorugh the drive to home.

While striding to the throwing arm side and throwing back across the body doesn’t necesarily cause problems (a large number of MLB pitchers do this), it can cause issues like inappropriate posture changes, blocked off hip rotation, extra stress on hip, knee and ankle joints, and possible shoulder issues. And some of these can certainly affect velocity and control.

One thing you can try is to move him to the glove side of the rubber and so that he strides onto the centerline. This way, he won’t have as big of a “corner to turn” to get squared up to the target and that should reduce the issues above. And it doesn’t take any other adjustments (unless he ends up striding even more to the throwing arm side because he’s use to being “over there”).

The cause of this might be his glove and front leg action. He may be sweeping out toward 3B too much and may not possess the strength to recover. He may also be bringing the ball too far behind his back.

You can have him doing something similar to Verlander.