Front foot landing

I know that you should not land on your heel so should you land on the toe or flat footed. We are going to post a clip this weekend

Landing on the heel is not itself a problem. Rather, it’s probably a symptom of some other problem - such as lacking momentum necessary to get out over the front leg or reaching with the front foot. In such cases, the focus should be on the cause, not the symptom.

If there is no other perceived problem, then I wouldn’t worry about landing on the heel as it’s really of little consequence.

as long as you roll to the ball of your foot and don’t lock it up and skid along the heel, it’s ok. most pitchers land with their foot flat or on the ball of the foot, but the heel works if you roll to the flat foot.

Thanks guys!!!

Roger and Dusty are right. You should land close to flat, but due to the slope of the mound you might feel your heel first. Also if you have a short stride that may cause you to land on your toes…