Front foot landing open


Hey guys. I’m a left handed college pitcher and I’m trying to break a bad habit of mine. When my front foot lands it tends to point towards third base. I want my front foot to land at 45 degrees or at least pointing to the catcher. Any tips on how to fix this? Btw I’m topping out at 84, do you think this can help with my velo?


You need to determine if your foot landing open is causing your hips to open early or if it’s causing you to have a spongy front leg strike. If so, then fixing this will allow you to build more power into your delivery. I wouldn’t want to go into too much more detail without seeing it. Keep your front hip going down the target line. Rocker drills can help build consistency of front foot strike.


There’s probably something off in the beginning of your delivery - post some video for analysis.


Did you at one time have a tendency to stride short & throw across your body (landing closed)? This could have been even a number of years back.


Thanks for all the input guys I really appreciate it! How can I post a video from my phone?



Upload it to YouTube and link it. Try to get a side view from where first base would be


this could help.


Start by leading with the heel of your landing foot or showing the bottom of your foot to the catcher. I would stay away from anything that makes you lead with your front hip. Once your able to land correctly and your back hip can pull through everything will follow in line.