Front Foot Heel or Toe touches first?


I always hear coaches tell their pitchers to reach. I also hear them say have the toes touch on the plant foot touch first. Is this correct?

Does it matter if the heel touches the ground first on the plant foot?

What does he mean by reach?

Tom House will tell you that you can do either. I, personally, land on my heel. I feel like you should do whatever you are comfortable with. Major League pitchers do a mix of both. I believe most land closer to their toes, though.

Landing on the heel isn’t itself a problem. But it could be an indicator of a lack of momentum to get out over the front leg (among other things). It that’s the case, then the fix is to work on increasing momentum. If that’s not the case, then don’t worry about landing on the heel.

As for the “reach” comment, I don’t know what was meant by that. If it means reaching with the front foot/leg, then I can only guess that it is an attempt to lengthen the stride. But, IMHO, that’s the wrong way to lengthen the stride because the weight stays back and there is no efficient back-to-front weight transfer and that impacts energy transfer up the chain.

i believe you should land with both heel and toe
or on the ball/middle of your foot

It think you’ll find that it is generally believed it is best to land on the ball of the foot of the lead leg. This allows you to get your weight forward
better, and your chest over the lead leg better then landing on the heel. It also helps in reaching out with the throwing hand to the target.