Front Arm

When do you tuck your front arm…do you open your front foot and then bend your front elbow and bring your arm around or do you do both at the same time?

You tuck it before the front foot lands. In addition, before the throwing arm gets vertical or gets parallel to the spine.

Download Quicktime, it’s free. Then save some of the pitching clips on your computer, open them up in Quicktime. You can watch them frame-by-frame back and forth and you will see what I mean.

No i know you tuck it before your front foot lands…im talking about the timing between your front foot opening to turn your lower half right before landing and when you tuck your front arm through and around. It goes back to hip and shoulder separation…on josh beckett’s clips it looks as though he tucks and opens his front foot at the same time…so im wondering if their is a delay or if it is simultaneous.

Just keep it in front of you and over your front foot.

From what I can see, it happens in unison and very smoothly without delay. If you download Quicktime you can see and judge for yourself.

His hip/shoulder separation is created by his scap load in his throwing arm, combined with the arching of his back.

in front of you and over your front foot-that’s a good point and makes a lot of sense…and it most likely will keep me closed because i was having trouble with opening to soon instead of this so thanks a lot guys.

The front arm plays a huge role in staying closed. If the arm reaches and opposite and equal position (i.e. mirrors the back arm) at foot plant, it has given the back side the time it needs to stay closed. If the glove arm drops or flies open early, it steals timing from the back side. So, ideally, the front arm doesn’t tuck until at or right after foot plant.

Posture and balances issues can also steal timing from the back side.