From which side of the plate?

yeah im a left handed pitcher throwing about 85. with good control of my pitches fastball, curve, slider and change.

i was just wondering cause ive seen a few pitches in the majors that stand on the left hand side of the plate from batter view. what is the difference in standing on the right to the left of the plate.

does standing on the other side give more movement???

I thought it was just to help with location. idk though

Most likely it’s a matter of preference. Some pitchers are more comfortable standing to one side or the other, while still others prefer the middle of the rubber. I was one of these latter, and inasmuch as I was a sidearmer I would use that middle position because it enabled me to finish my follow-through in a good position to field anything that might be hit back at me.

The side you stand on can affect your posture and lead to an unwanted posture change which will affect control and pull your release point back. The NPA says that for every 1" of unwanted head movement, the release point pulls back 2". The solution is to pick a position where your back foot drag line ends on the centerline of the rubber. This will minimize any posture changes.

Hm, I never knew this about posture. I’d have to see what is wrong

Hi ausjoel,

Pitchers will move around the rubber for various reasons. One reason is to increase the angle for which the pitch is delivered to home. For instance, the farther a left-handed pitchers goes to the left of the rubber, the greater the angle this will appear to a right-handed batter. Some pitchers like Satchel Paige were said to move all over the pitching rubber during a game under the believe that these slight angles gave them advantages.

More conventional baseball pitching focuses more on a perfected motion and keys into what Roger mentioned in his post: essentially, choose one good spot on the rubber and stick with it. Ultimately, you will have to decide for yourself which you feel most comfortable with. Feel free to experiment with this a little bit. If you feel like moving around gives you an edge, keep doing it. However, if not, just discard it. Since this the summer, this is a great time to do some tinkering with your pitching before the high school season rolls around next spring.

Jack Elliott
Baseball Strategy

Trevor Hoffman uses the 3B side against lefties and the 1B side against righties.