From the stretch pitching

i just realized that im much more comfertable pitching from the windup then from the stretch. when from the stretch i tend to throw over my body a little bit and my stride is about half an inch shorter. this results in loss of velocity leading to me having to sacrifice control for velocity. HELP PLEASE

I’m not sure what you mean by “throwing over your body” but I will say that fine tuning your stride within a 1/2" tolerance is little bit like hitting a nail with a sledgehammer. It’s just too much and you run the risk of focussing on the wrong things. 1/2" just isn’t important or even a reasonable tolerance for such a variable thing. That 1/2" could evaporate on one pitch and show up again on the next.

throwing over my body means my front foot lands infront of my posting leg instead of in a straight line or a bit behind it. results in having to rotate your hips more to get the ball in the strikezone. also, i lose lots of momentum forwards when pitching from the stretch.


I think you’re saying that you stride to the throwing arm side instead of directly at the target. Is that correct?

When you throwing from the stretch, do you use a slide step?

How old are you?

toes pointed at the target but my foot is on my throwing arm side, yes.

no idea what that is.


no idea what that is.[/quote]
It’s a stride without a knee lift. It’s an attempt to be quicker to the plate to hold runners or at least give the catcher time to throw out the runner.

i dont slide step. i do the same leg lift as in the windup just faster - im getting video soon.