From the Mouth of Babes

I was going through some notes that I made recently, and I thought I’d share this one.

I couldn’t help but notice an enclosed blind of sorts, on a field across from the game I was watching.

I also noticed that from time to time, the youngsters from each bench would walk into the blind, then after a while, out they’d come.

So out of curiosity, while waiting for a hot dog, I asked someone at a concession stand what the blind was for on the other field. “It’s a makeshift port-ta-potty.” I was told. They didn’t have enough to cover all the fields today, so someone put up a few poles, then wrapped a canvas cover around them.

It’s only for number 1, I was told. A simple pipe in a receptacle, with a large metal funnel stuck in the top of the pipe. Obviously it was for boys only.

After the game I came to watch, I was sitting in my rental car making some notes, when a family was loading up their car, next to mine. One of the youngsters, still in his uniform, urged his parents to hurry up – he had to go badly.

His mother couldn’t help but notice the youngster fidgeting, so she asked why he couldn’t use the makeshift blind potty. He said he would have used it, but he couldn’t sit on the funnel – first off the funnel was too high, and second – he couldn’t keep his balance while sitting on the thing.

Haha too funny Coach B