From the Couch to 90


Goals for velo are tricky, there is the “gold standard” of 3-5MPH per year

But there’s also different contributing factors such as puberty, over all strength, physical maturity are you a late bloomer, how clean your mechanics are, etc.

As for how that 3-5 potentially could develop over the year, a rough guideline to follow could be something to the effect of:
First six weeks: Immediate jump in velocity
Second six weeks: No gain in velocity
Next eight weeks: Very slight gain in velocity
Sometime after week 20: potentially another big jump in velocity

Hope this helps


Alright, thank you for the guidance. I was wondering if you thought 10mph+ in a year would be possible. I know it is well above the standard however, I am only sitting in the low 70s and being a 6’4" 200lbs LHP, I feel that I could make that jump as someone my size should not be throwing that soft. My guess would be a leak in my mechanics… what do you think?


Anything is possible, there is a possibility that you pick up a very large gain initially in that neighbourhood but then you will hit a plateau and will have to work extremely hard to break through it.


In the gym again this morning, adding more weight again. Still not throwing, I’m looking to breakdown my mechanics with some drills in the next couple weeks.

  • Squats 3x5, 145lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Press 3x5, 95lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Deadlift 1x5, 205lbs (+10 from last time)

QOTD: what are some good velocity drills that promote efficient mechanics?


Back in the gym after about a week, it felt good and I didn’t miss a beat in my linear weight progression. Hopefully, I will never have to take that long off but things were chaotic with me wrapping up midterms.

  • Squats 3x5, 155lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Bench Press 3x5, 135lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Deadlift 1x5, 215lbs (+10 from last time)

I am also in the process of breaking down my mechanics, in particular I’m studying frame by frame of Chapman (seemed like the clear choice as a big left hander).

Short-term goal: 80mph by Christmas 2017


Another day another workout. But today I finished the first stage in my workout program and will move to the second stage beginning this Monday.

  • Squats 3x5, 165lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Press 3x5, 100lbs (+5 from last time)
  • Deadlift 1x5, 225lbs (+10 from last time)

This stage as a whole consisted of 7 workouts over just under 3 weeks.
My improvements are as follows:

  • Squat: 105 -> 165
  • Press: 75 -> 100
  • Bench Press: 115 -> 135
  • Deadlift: 135 -> 225
    I am very impressed by my progress so far, next stage I will be adding in power cleans.


Are you doing any mechanical drills or just focusing on lifting?


I am starting with some mechanical drills/fixes now that I have a few weeks of lifting done. I am also breaking down the mechanics of players (mainly Chapman and Kershaw). However, I am not yet throwing, all drills are currently in front of a mirror.


First day of the second stage… I really hope all the lifting pays off when I start throwing again.

  • Squats 3x5, 175lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Bench Press 3x5, 145lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Power Cleans 3x5, 105lbs (light weight to get the form)



  • Squats 3x5, 185lbs (+10 from last time)
  • Press 3x5, 105lbs (+5 from last time)
  • Deadlift 1x5, 235lbs (+10 from last time)
    Unfortunately I will not be able to up my press next time… as I missed on my last rep of my last set


I’m surprised that the person you are working with is having you do bench press. Not trying to rip you or anything, I was just under the impression that bench press was something that pitchers avoided. Do you mind clearing that up? Thanks.


No problem I’ve been told forever to avoid bench press, but I have a more reputable coach now that believes in it and gave me the proof to buy into it too.

You can read some proof on why you should bench here: https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■.net/studies-prove-bench-press-increases-throwing-velocity/


Squats 3x5, 190lbs (+5 from last time)
Bench Press 3x5, 150lbs (+5 from last time)
Power Clean 3x5, 115lbs (+10 from last time)


Squats 3x5, 195lbs (+5 from last time)
Press 3x5, 105lbs (failed last time, and did it this time!!)
Deadlift 1x5, 245lbs (+10 from last time; had to split the set, did 3 then 2)


I did another core workout earlier in the week as I wasn’t up to lifting heavy, but I didn’t want to take time off from the gym. Anyways, back on my program today:
Squats 3x5, 200lbs (+5 from last time) – since I’m over my body weight, I’m going to stay at 200 and work on mobility as when I am going up in weight quickly, I’m lacking depth in my squats.
Bench Press 3x5, 155lbs (+5)
Power Clean 3x5, 125lbs


Squat- 3x5, 200lbs
Press- 3x5, 110lbs
Deadlift- 1x5, 245lbs
I have been training consistently for over a month now and I am getting very anxious to see if I can translate these strength gains to the mound. Its always a good sign and a big motivator when someone says “you look bigger”!


Just want to stop by and give you credit for REALLY going all the way with this. Keep yourself motivated and remember that EVERYBODY at the level you are aiming went at it ALL-IN!


By the way, i took a look at your last mechanics clips and i just wanted to point out real quick that your shoulders seperation is lacking and you should be more coherent in your drive because right now you have a perfect drive to be a sidearm pitcher
You know, totally Dennis Eckersley

But end up so overhand that you cancel most of the rubber band action you create with that drive


Thank you very much! I’ve been working harder than I ever have.

And for the video analysis, what do you think would be the most worth while plan of action? Alter my drive? Or drop my arm slot? Thanks again.


Wow now that’s a question. I think you should try both and stick with one all the way. I know if I was trying to reach higher levels in the lates as a lefty, I would definitely be coming from the side with a 90 mph fastball and a ++ breaking ball. Lefty specialists can really come in by the back door to the show.
No pun intended.