From the bottom of Freshmen to the top of Varsity

I figure it’s probably time to start one of these. First some background:

As of 3/27/14:
Age: 15
Team: Freshman
Height: 6’0-6’1
Weight: ~180
Position: Pitcher, Catcher
Speed: Avg. 68-70 a couple months ago, need to get a new reading.
Developing shuuto (basically reverse slider)

My short-term goals are to build my mechanics and strength to throw low 80s by the start of next year and to phase out of being a catcher and become either a PO or P/3B.

Long term I want to become one of if not the best pitcher on varsity my junior/senior year and hopefully play college ball.

I think I’m going to be starting a program from Tread Athletics aka Ben aka LankyLefty on these forums. I’ll try to post some sort of weekly record on this thread to document. I’ll try to post a video of my pitching motion on here within a couple days. I think I need to work on leading with the hip and hip-shoulder separation mostly, and trying to be more explosive.

Got my first start on the mound yesterday. I thought I threw pretty well… we played a below average (for D1) team so we ended up crushing them 13-2. I pitched 2 innings and threw about 40 pitches. 3 K’s, 1 HBP, 2 BB’s, 0 ER but 2 runs scored. Our infield was playing really flat the first couple innings because we just got off break and we knew we were better than the other team, so we made a few errors which caused the runs to score. Overall I’m pretty happy with the outing, it’s the first time I got video of myself and I see several areas that I need to work on a lot so… yeah.