From june had just turned 13.let me know what we can do my son pitching last june.just turned 13 5ft5 125 now. Let me know what he can work on.

The biggest problem to start out with that would really help his accuracy is he drops his glove down and to the first base side. That’s a big problem that needs to be addressed first. When he turns sideways and starts his motion to home, he needs to extend his glove out towards the target and bring his chest to the glove as he strides to the plate.

First, he needs to firm up his glove hand. He drops his glove which is causing him to open up early and drag his pitching arm.

Once he gets that under control, then he should work on leading with the hips.

I also would like to see him pronate his pitching hand more as this will provide protection to his elbow.

Where are you located?

We work on it. I know when i see his back leg it looks like its dragging behind. Thanks for the info. We are in the northeast.

Sent you a PM.