“- Legendary A’s pitcher Dave Stewart came to talk to all the pitchers in minor league camp. He offered a very unique approach to pitching. For Dave Stewart every single person he faced was trying to take something from him. Every hitter was trying to take a win from him, take money out of his pocket. He said he would do anything to fight, kick, scratch, whatever it takes to to make sure that no one ever took anything from him. The best part of the meeting was that towards the end of the meeting he was holding a small water bottle and he challenged anyone to come up and try to take it from him, no one was crazy enough to try to make a move for that water bottle because you just knew that he would die before ever letting someone have that water bottle. It was amazing to see how single minded you need to be to compete at the major league level.”

Guys like him make MLB channel sometrhing I’d pay for if I didn’t get it free, regularly getting to see entire games from the likes of him and all the other greats is just so cool. That guy on the mound looked plain evil :shock: Gibson was the same…I bet Rockin Robin Ventura was hopin that old man with the snarl was weak and feeble…all the way til he was in the head-lock and feeling himself get all thumped on and what-not :lol: Josh Beckett is another intimidator…but none were like Stewart, big BIG muscle bound fella lookin like you asked his sister out or said something about his mom…yow…throwing certified heat :shock:
What a nice opp Lanky. I am glad there was real appreciation in the room…that guy deserves it.