From bad to worse

Ok so I just got back from a game. we lost and I noticed I got totally destroyed on that mound. Mentally that is.

Ump wasnt calling my strikes. Field wasnt backing me up making tons of errors. also bad hitting on my team made it kinda worse.
AND not to forget I was changing my elbow height alot. I think i seriously am scared to hurt my shoulder again. so all this is pretty much what destroyed me in 3 innings. Was sent to Leftfield to do my job there wich worked out fine.
Told my coach after i did not want to pitch for the upcoming 2-4 games just to get my head straight again.

Any experience on this?
what do you do ?

Did you throw the ball where you wanted to (for the most part)? Did you feel good mechanically? That’s all you need to concern yourself with - making good pitches. You cannot control the outcome - only what happens just before the ball leaves your hand. The calls, the errors, etc, they are all incidental and you cannot let any of that affect you. It’s about making pitches, period. Leave all emotions out of it - a ballgame should be no different than a bullpen; you go in, put in your work, and you walk off. When you can master that mentality you will become a much better pitcher.

True but still easier said than done :P.
besides the injury part is still a bitch. havent had it last year, just pops up now :S

Get over it. You’re not the first pitcher who has had to deal with umpires, defense, or hitting. Move on.

Control what you can control. You’re gonna hit road blocks in real life too, you can’t quit when they come your way.

I had a similar experience my last outing!
I pitched 3 and 2/3 with a painful 6 runs.
The problem is it was on 3 hits and 4 errors.
I think I ended up with 2 earned runs, and the umpire was squeezing me big time.
IT IS FRUSTERATING! But there are things to remember to change it for next time!
First, and I think it is the most important… DONT LET YOUR TEAM SEE YOUR FRUSTRATION! If your team sees you upset, they will either feel worse and boot another one, or think you are being stupid and maybe not have that motivation to make a diving play. The pitcher sets the tone for the team, and if your pouting it will show up in their play.
Next, don’t pay attention to the umpire’s call. Now i don’t mean throw 3-0 curveballs just because, but when you make a great pitch and it is called a ball, YOU know you hit that spot. Just keep painting those corners and the umpire will surely stretch it out. Similar to the first idea, don’t show anger or you will not see the zone expand but shrink!
Last, after you fume about it later, forget what everyone else did and figure out the things you can do better. When it comes down to it, you can only control what YOU do, so make your bad outings worth it by doing things better next time.
Good luck