From Australia to Beyond

Hey guys, I am starting this on 12/4/18 on a Monday in Australia, My season recently finished so i’ve got a couple weeks before my next season starts. I’ve always been a hard worker which rewards me with results but now i’m going to step up with more practice sessions. In previous seasons i have been playing a bit under myself so my results have been quite good but this will be the first year i don’t play juniors (u17) and seniors at the same time now i’m just playing seniors (14 and over) and not juniors. i’ll be playing a higher grade which will start getting serious.

Name: Oliver Brissett
Height: 6 foot 4
Age: 16
Pitches: 2 Seam Fastball, 12-6 Curveball, Circle Changeup, slider
Weight: 93 kgs (205 lbs)
Velocity: I don’t exactly know but i’ve been told it would be mid to high 70’s and sometimes touching 80
positions: RHP, Outfield, First base

  1. Become the starting pitcher for my team.
  2. step up the training sessions with a bit more field practice and running the bases.
  3. get to 85 kgs (187 lbs).
  4. I’d like to see what my velocity actually is and if not already i’d like to get up to low to mid 80’s.
  5. update this daily if not weekly recaps.


  1. I would like to make it to make it to either D1 or 2 college or make it in the ABL and go from there.
  2. If everything goes well make it in pro ball in the states.
    But throughout this i will maintain good grades and always have a plan B.

Day 1, Today was Tuesday 13th of march in Australia.
On Tuesdays my club hold a open training session with majority of the people practicing of a good level. The training session goes for 2 and a half hours and consists of mainly fielding and you bat whenever the cage is free. Due to me being a pitcher i’ll do a little bullpen with one of the catchers thats willing, all i do is a game simulation usually about three inning. Tonight in my practice did well fielding from first then jumped out to short for a while. I didn’t hit off the machine but i did soft toss all i was working on was keeping my head still and not swinging open. In my bullpen did well curveball was going great, changeup was a little 50/50 and the slider is getting better but isn’t up to game level yet.
Thank you to everyone that read this if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to make this better anything appreciated.

Sorry guys i haven’t been able to post in the last few days but i’m back today i did a little practice due to tomorrow being my big training all i did today was hit a little off i was happy with how i did and i also did a little pitching just working on offspeed pitches, very pleased with how they are progressing.
I will try to get a video soon.

sorry i haven’t been updating lately but i have only been practising very sporadically so i just didn’t think to update but yesterday was my first game and i pitched i didn’t do the greatest but it was my first game in a high grade game. all i focussed on was hitting the lower part of the zone. i was getting the groundballs i wanted but they were finding holes
pitches: 40
strikes: 28
runs: 6
Strikeouts: 1
groundouts: 2
0-1 with a walk
fielding out at RF
got two groundballs and no errors
i will update this more from now on seeing though the seasons back

Yesterday was my big Tuesday night training as usual i did fielding, batting and pitching with my fielding i was working on being more clean with pickups from short. With my batting as of a week or two ago i have been trying a Evan Gattis style swing with my hands further back and i’ve found it very effective i am hitting with more power and it also looks more fluid. And with pitching all i was focusing on was mechanics so i only pitched at 50% of what i can and it really got me back to knowing what i must do.

yesterday was my game i didn’t pitch but i batted and fielded ion the outfield
0-1 with a HBP
not much action other than a ball in the gap

today we played our 3rd game of the season and i had another opportunity to pitch and a did well with my opportunity
3 innings
7 strikeouts
3 hits
1 run
1 walk
i only went in there with 2 pitches and they worked a charm a nice 2 seam with a bit of oomph behind it and a 12-6 uncle Charlie that was getting swings every-time i pitched it
i didn’t bat for the first 2 innings because we had a DH but he got hurt so i had to bat for the last couple innings
0-2 with 2 groundouts

for the forth game of the season i started like last week and didn’t disappoint
6 innings
5 strikeouts
5 hits
3 earned runs 2 unearned
3 walks
i had the same arsenal as last week the 12-6 doing me well as usual and the 2 seam getting swings.

we drew the game but we should’ve won there was a double play that was dropped at second with one dead in the last dig that would’ve won us the game but not all things work out

Sorry about the absence,
Over that time I’ve really been working on my mechanics and thats paid off big time, I’ve also ditched the circle-change for a vulcan-change and slider for splitter. I only learnt the splitter on tuesday and i’m already feeling confident.
I’ve also invested in a gopro so i can record video and here is the first video for me on this