From a long break

its been some days but i have new video of my delivery and could open up to some constructive critique!



im really just down to exploding/exending longer off my back leg, being quicker through that load pos.

been some work but starting to get results but idk just feels like im not throwing hard i dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing


Mechanics look good. Nice and fluid. Maybe thats why you don’t feel like you’re throwing hard.

Could be, the work you've been doing feels better throughout the motion freeing up your arm

i also think having better back leg extension would speed everything up… thrust hips to the plate vs i guess im sort of leaping a bit

shoulders a bit sore… but other than that i feel great

Well how long do you think it willl take you to get 90 off the mound?

I am a bit concerned about you taking your face off the target, I tought I saw it one of your previous videos but now I am sure with this video. I would think that you could improve your defense quite a bit too.

i am not sure, some people say they throw harder from the mound some say they throw less… i am quite sure i need more quickness in my legs to
achieve a consistent 88-90 mph, on the mound once you reach the load position if you dont explode to release point within at least .3 seconds then you wont throw 90+… the forces just wont happen

and the head thing im not worried about for defense, i always see the ball go back into the catchers mitt, my head just shakes from the violence of my delivery… will be looking to possibiliy keep a more relaxed but powerful finish… ive learned now the whole key to this velocity thing is being strong enough + quick enough… and to be quick enough you have to be very relaxed and poised…

fix 2 things, head shake if possible, and keep my arm more loose in the finish might take pressure off shoulders/neck