Friendly Reminder


Just a friendly reminder. Soon, your preparation for the preseason will start. For some of you in highly competitive ball, the first of February can find you at the starting gates for all kinds of stuff. So just be mindful of any sport that you are now competing in, and the team and coaching staff that’s depending on you now.

Conflicting schedules can be a hard nut to crack - so don’t. Also, coaches that play the loyalty card … "what’s more important, them or me… " can be difficult to deal with, if not impossible. So be prepared for that avenue if and when it comes up. In fact, if you do run into that situation, you’re backed into a corner that you shouldn’t be. So, evaluate the source of such demands and why you should be in that corner to begin with.


Also, I would like to add that if you need gear, the sooner the better because if you wait too long before the season starts, you will have limited choices gear wise.