Friend Broke my Bat

So today we were taking swings in the batting cage between our turns in the bullpen. It was my turn to go pitch and my friend asked me if he could use my $70 wood bat. I told him not to break it but didn’t mention anything about buying me a new one if he did. And of course it broke. I asked him if he knew how to use a wood bat and he said he did, but I could see that it cracked along the grain, meaning he was holding it wrong. Now I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him he needs to buy me a new bat, or should I just shake it off because accidents happen and get a new one?

And since I noticed that this posted twice, who can tell me how to remove the other one?

If he is your friend, he will replace it without your asking.

If he doesn’t, then it was well worth the $70 to learn that he is definitely not a friend. Untrustworthy in little things, untrustworthy in all.

Also, never loan anything that you don’t want broken. And…don’t hold on too tightly to your things.

If you guys are still “friends” later on in life…don’t let him drive your Shelby Mustang !

Thanks, Dino.

I know if I broke someone else’s bat on accidentally, I would let them know and do my best to replace it. But I don’t know how (I’m not sure how to word this) “ethically sound” he is. People I know tend to think that if they break something that isn’t theirs its not a big deal because it doesn’t affect them and they won’t go out of their own way to make things right. I’m not specifically talking about him, just people at my school in general (kinda sad, isn’t it).

I also talked to my parents about it and my mom wants me to tell him to buy me a new one, but my dad is looking at it like accident happen and I should let it go and get a new one.

I just have this feeling that if I don’t say anything to him I won’t have a bat to practice with. Or even worse; him telling me he’ll get me one then doesn’t follow up on his word and I’ll have to go get one when its too late.