Freshmans playing varsity?

Anyone here a freshman in varsity? Or have an idea how often it happens in their school? My school happens to have only a varsity team, so I’m gonna tryout in pitching for that – yeah, I’m 14 yo, 5’11, maybe 140lbs, and compared to those 17yr old 6’+ 150lb+ guys i’m not gonna look ‘good’, but hey, everyone wants/needs pitching, and I think I can offer quality pitching to my team…

We never had any freshman on varsity. Heck we only had 2 freshman go to JV, and they only played half the games (Specialized players, catcher and a shortstop)

I agree with Jacobs that in a school like his (freshman, jv, and varsity team) it is very, very rare that a freshman would get onto the varsity team. However, in your schools situation, I’m sure the coach takes a larger amount of players than usual for the varsity team because there is no other team for the players cut from varsity to develop for. Basically, i’m saying that if you show your stuff and show you can play and want to work hard, there is probably a good chance you could make your team. Good luck

Be prepared to not play that much though.

at my school there’s JV and Varsity. The best varsity pitcher throws mid 80s. I’m 3 years younger than him, pitch 75-76 with good running movement, a sharp cutter a deceptive changeup and a pretty decent curve which I use for an emergency out pitch. The varisty coach saw me play JV last year and asked me 2 tryout for varsity. if you get in or not all depends on how well you can play, play your best, that’s all you can do.

im in the 8th grade and im goin to be pitching on the varsity this year

im in the 8th grade and im goin to be pitching on the varsity this year

I pitched on varsity for my team, was the #3 guy. #1 was a lefty at 82-86 with a nasty curve(D1 Scholarship) #2 is a righty at around 78-84, great curve, and hes a senior this year. So I was #3 at around 75-80 with at the time a good curve(NOW IT SUCKS). I was the first freshman to make varsity in I think it was 13 years, and we have freshman/JV/Varsity at my school.


If you are still going for Varsity as a freshmen, my advice is simple. Stay within yourself. Don’t compete with the “other guys.” Just pitch your game, and if the coach is smart, he’ll notice if you’ve got what it takes to pitch on Varsity. Just my opinion, but I think that it will help.

Wow. A 65-70 mph fastball on varsity. Dont kid yourself

Wow. A 65-70 mph fastball on varsity. Dont kid yourself[/quote]

You have no right to demote anyone here. This is a community forum and theres no reason for you to say something like that. Everyone might not be as talented as you are. But I can gurantee you that you are not the best pitcher your age, I doubt your even close to it. I bet theres kids that can throw a lot faster with a lot nastier stuff than you. Same with me, same with everyone else here. No ones the best, no ones perfect.

I know that.
But hes talking about varsity.

There was a famous college pitcher I read about. he threw 78 MILES PER HOUR. He had pinpoint accuracy though. Jacobs, the guy was replying to YOUR POST. trying to help!!! appreciate that, dont belittle him.

i really dont care wat he says or wat anyone else says about my pitching. i know i dont throw very fast but i just love pitching and playing baseball…

[quote=“Jacobs 21”]I know that.
But hes talking about varsity.[/quote]

Don’t be arrogant. Yes not all varsity teams are created equally. Some schools have very few juniors and sophmores, while some are made almost all juniors and sophmores. Yes maby this guy doesn’t throw fast compared to the teams you play but maby he isn’t that bad and I’m sure he has great potential against the teams he plays.

Your right. My apologies Fastballer123

its ok Jacobs

Thats a sign of a man especially coming from a 15 year old.

You guys need to go to bigger schools lol jk my school has freshman jv a team and b team and varsity team in houston THE BEST BASEBALL CITY BY FAR in case you didnt know and i made varsity my first year but i throw harder then most freshman i throw about 85 as a sophmore and low 80s last year

all i heard was “I’m better than all of you”