Freshman's first prospect camp experience

My son is a Freshman in High School and really wants to play college baseball. After reading all of the great posts on this site, I decided to give him an opportunity to “play up” at a prospect camp for the experience. He’s a big, strong lefty but young. He did a very nice job and turned a lot of heads. But, was told he needs to use his body (throws all arm). I’ve read through as many threads as I could on this site but I still don’t get it. How do you fix a kid throwing “all arm”?

Thanks, guys.

If your son is going to play freshman ball, more than likely he’ll have a pitching coach that’ll bring him along and progress him slowly - which should be the case. Freshman ball is usually prime rookie ball for those progressing into the varsity ranks in the years that follow. Just make sure that your son understands this and conducts himself accordingly. So, learn and absorb as much as he can, take each practice session serious, plan and mandate a solid breakfast menu that’ll carry him through the morning, plan out a diet plan that’ll train his appetite to want good food - to include healthy snacks.

The prospect camp should build upon what he’s learning at school. He should take the same mind set with him to camp and absorb as much as he can, all the while understanding that he has a lot of growing and developing to do in the maturity department - both mentally and physically. Don’t come down on himself for expectations that are not reasonable, regardless of who’s doing what around him.

Coach B.

First of all it is no simple “just do this” thing. Though it can be :? …bottom line is if you are going to facillitate for your son to follow this path I’d like you to consider the following…and remember you just signed on for a marathon :shock: 8)
I like to recommend 2 routes here and to do both of them if you can afford it. My son attended camps and clinics at the local universities every single chance we got. This let him experience the people and environment and now it doesn’t intimidate him at all also it helped him to understand what was expected of him and allowed him to meet and see what type of person coaches and plays college ball…all that and it decidedly helped improve his entire skill set everytime we went. I’d also scout around for a personal coach, one who is reputable. This is something that we can help with here in a small way…post a video of him pitching and generally some pretty solid mechanical analysis will follow…but the benefit of a personal coach is that he/she/it can tweek efficiencies over time, here we see your son on one day at one time or however many times you post a vid.
The process of getting a pitcher to fully understand how to integrate his entire body into the delivery is a constant thing to be working on…really from now until he hangs em up. He also needs, while doing that, to learn about conditioning, in a meaningful way, his entire body…this is also an on-going project too and something he should “learn” to hold close to him like an old friend. It doesn’t mean look like a bodybuilder. As he continuously does the above mentioned things, he should also being learning things that promote good arm health and put them into practice.
If that isn’t enough to wear the both of you out and empty your phat wallet :shock:
None of the above makes very much difference personally for your son reaching his goal unless he is a good student and a solid citizen.
It’s a wonderful course…one in which my sons blessed me with joy and happyness…I have one still pursuing the course…endless miles of great times and tough ones…
Here is a link to his Sr season log…just to show you what it can be like…

Thanks, jdfromfla. I started reading the thread and can’t wait to get through it. I think I’ll grab another cup of coffee and settle in for the read! I was unfair with my question…I guess I was looking for all the answers in 2 sentences!!! I’ll try to be more specific and will try to get a video of my son posted.

Thanks to you and Coach for your time.


If you haven’t done so already, it might be really helpful if you can post some video of your son’s delivery.

To me, “throws all arm” usually means that a pitcher may tend to rotate his shoulders open before his hips have rotated open.

Most elite pitchers start rotating their hips open late in the stride, when their stride foot is very close to landing, and their shoulders are still completely closed at this point in the delivery.

The optimal sequencing and timing for most pitchers seems to be: The hips rotate fully open shortly after landing, and the shoulders start to rotate open after the hips have fully rotated open.

I have not posted video yet but I will, soon. Thanks for the advice and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hey, guys…

I posted some video of my son last night. I put it in the “Pitching Mechanics & Analysis” forum. I would really appreciate and help. He’s a “beginner” in that he really hasn’t thrown many innings in his life and has no formal training until recently. He’s heading into his 4th pitching lesson (tomorrow night) but is very dedicated to improving. Please do not be gentle!!! He appreciates the help and I could really use some experts here.

Thanks, guys.