Freshman Pitching

I was wondering how hard a normal freshman should be pitching …

i think anywhere from 70-80 is good because you are still growing as long as you get outs right now and hit your spots.
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Our freshmen threw from mid 60’s to mid 70’s last year if I remember correctly and were slightly above average for the league. The same kids are throwing from high 60s to 80ish this year and seem to be a bit more above average than last year. Most of them were 14yo freshmen so an improvement relative to the league is understandable. The softest thrower is the one who was a 15yo freshman who was done growing at that point, but he is a crafty lefty and does fairly well as much of the “softness” is by choice.

On the other hand another team in our league has a just turned 15yo freshman coming in who is expected to play JV ball who throws consistently in the low 80s with good command, a lot of experience on the national stage, and some pretty decent breaking stuff. Tough league.

you dont have to throw 90 out of high school. there is allways college where you can work on your stuff. Roger Clemens only threw 86 in high school but kept working and look where he is today.

for a freshman to be in the 70s is perfectly acceptable

Mid 70s is very good for a freshman, I was throwing low 70s side-arm my freshman year and we had a lefty who was throwing low 80s

i throw about 77 - 79 about toppin out at 81 so i guess im average or a little above average?

I think I was throwing about 65 as a frosh.

alright thanks for the posts …ill keep working my core and trying to get stronger