Freshman pitching speed. What is good?

My son just turned 15 and is a freshman in HS his fastball is 75 average and 77 tops his change up is 67 and his slider is 71 is this a good speed? Also he is very accurate.

Here’s a few links on this site to the subject.

Here are some numbers to chew on. These are the max fastball velocities, per their Perfect Game profile, of 15u (freshman) players on a top national club team for this summer. This organization had more than 15 15u teams across multiple states and this particular team is hand picked from their best telent to go win national events:

79, 79, 78, 87, 78, 82, 83, 82, 84, 81, 78, 81.

5 kids on the roster are verbally committed to D1 schools already as freshmen.

Here are the same measurements for another team in this organization that is the top team of 5 in a region, so this would be the best roster in an area for a top club team:

78, 74, 73, 67, 75, 76, 73, 78, 81

5 kids on this roster started for their Varsity team as Freshmen.

Based on what I have seen, crusing 75 with good off speed and location would put your kid #1 or #2 in their class at a large school.

Thank you. I thought he was doing okay because he did pitch 5 games on Varisty this year and he got the Cy Young award for JV but our school is very small, way less populated than even the average small shchool, so I was just wondering how he was doing in comparison to other children his age at larger schools. Thank you very much for your informative answer.

My kid was a freshman pitcher last year at a medium sized school (1500 kids) that nonetheless produces some quality players year in year out.

He sat at 72 mph and would occasionally hit up to 75.

The #1-#3 pitchers were all between 78-80. The #4 was around 75. My son was #5 in velocity, although he wound up second on the team in innings pitched. This year with the #1 moved up to varsity, my son led the JV in innings pitched even though his velocity hardly improved at all.

That being said, we did have a freshman this year throwing mid 80s who went directly to varsity.

I guess it varies with the school and talent level, but at mid 70s he should be a top end of the rotation starter for most freshman teams.

I am a incoming sophomore that just turned 15
I top at 81 but my body couldn’t handle trying to throw hard and I ended up fracturing my growth plate mid season. I recommend not trying to kill your arm especially if you are young for your grade, I do everything to keep my arm healthy but it is honestly too much if you are growing a lot.

This was the 2023 class Perfect Game Fort Myers last week. My boy top at 75 during the JV season as an 8 grader he hit 77 last week. 5’6 115, Turns 14 in July.