Freshman Pitchers


Heelan, why would you not be confident? Just believe in yourself. Choose to be confident and trust your stuff.


hey guys, last wednesday i hit 83…felt pretty good my goal for a senior is still 87 and by your posts i guess its reachable. I still am about 5’7 weighing 125…


83 mph at 5 foot 7 125 pounds is rather amazing to me.

I don’t see how you wouldn’t be pitching at the varsity level quite frankly if you have good command and a decent changeup.

You can’t tell me there are 4 varsity pitchers throwing higher than 85 on your team.


I gotta give my opinion on weighted balls. Personally I think they’re great. Yes you have a chance of hurting your arm if u don’t have a program set up for them, but if you’re smart with them they can be extremely beneficial. Personally in one year using them I went from 79 mph to 86 mph, and about 5 months later I hit 88 mph. So have your own opinions on them but Im just giving you my experiences with them.


joearnz you were right their is only one more kid that throws harder than me he is a senior. He throws 85 but obviously is bigger than me considering how small i am. My varsity coach has talked to me and wants to do lessons with me…id say i have a pretty good shot now.