Freshman pitcher

Im a freshmna 14 years old im 5’8 how fast should i throw if im a sinker ball pitcher.

I’m guessing the average freshman pitcher tosses the fastball at around low to mid seventies.

Ask yourself something more important. How do I get movement on my fastball and how can I upset the timing of hitters with a change of speed?

Don’t get too wrapped up in your speed. The best pitcher I ever coached was about your size and changed speeds so often his modest fastball snuck by almost every hitter at least once per at bat. That’s all he needed.

Get your self good infielders and keep throwing that sinker.

You are so right thank you

I would say more like high 60s to low 70s from what i hav seen in the past, i topped out at 72mph my freshman year side-arm if that means anything but dont worry so much bout velocity and more on acceracy/changing speeds

thanks for that information

im also a freshman about 5’6 weighing 115 and im throwing about 78 accurately id like to throw 80 by tryouts which is in four months///got any advice for me

Work out like a beast with tons of flexibilty. And have you been clocked by a radar gun. or do u think you throw 78. Also do you have any video of your self pitching.

yes i have my own radar gun its no guess sorry for not clearing that up and why do i need to tape myself??? for proof

Its not for proof but for mechanical evaluation,you could be doing something wrong that could lead to a velocity decrease so fixing them could lead to a velocity increase, which from reading your past post is what you are wanting.

yeah thanks i have a camera that recors or whatever but how do i get my clip son the internet im needing big help with this

nevermind by tonight im goign to have a video of myself pitching up on the web thanks