Freshman Pitcher take two

Hi All, getting chilly up here in the Northeast but that’s when you have to bite the bullet and go out to the local baseball warehouses I guess.

Several weeks ago, when it was quite nice outside yet in the winter, I videotaped my kid and posted on here for some feedback. I’ve included that link as the first one just for a comparison of then to some throwing today.

We’ve only had two real chances to get some productive throwing in since we got some feedback on this site.

I can say one of the biggest revelations I had was the concept of getting moving sooner and getting some momentum going. I’ve had a chance to see some clips of college kids and pro’s and definitely notice the hips beginning to move much earlier than the old stop at the top as in the first link from several weeks ago with my kid.

Interesting enough, the first time he tried this he was a little out of synch a week ago with his arm getting up and ready with the increased tempo and momentum. But after about 15 or so pitches he was beginning to get it. Today his accuracy was very good.

And amazing enough based on a glove radar he had about a 4 mph increase from what I’ve been used to seeing over the last several months. Why? Maybe part throwing from a mound but the speed was increased even more than I was used to from the mound.

Anyway, what I note is that he’s doing a better job of getting the hips started forward from before…and is a bit better with his back leg action but still needs work on staying stacked such that his back foot drags on release. Some throws this occurred some not so much more work is needed, but again, his accuracy and speed were notable.

Anyway, apologize for the contrast and darkness but for the most part you can get a gist of the mechanics.

I noted some posts on here from Paul Newman lately criticizing the site in part for internet related wannabe pitching advice. I completely disagree. While I think everyone needs to take advice, chew on it, digest it and research it, I see a result from just one change in hip movement which I wouldn’t have been privy to besides this site. I enjoy talking to his old coaches as well who I greatly respected.

A ton of work left to do but the kid learned from just seeing his old clips who mechanical he looked and now has increased the tempo.

Thanks for any feedback as it all helps.

Here is the old clip from several weeks ago on top followed by some clips from today

camera had a little more light in viewing…these shots are tougher to see than I thought…but it was great getting out and working on the mechanics…

Great job Joe!! I see a huge difference in his tempo and explosiveness.


The first is about the step to the side. My suggestion is for him to make his rocker step back and get his momentum going toward the plate, even as he turns.

The second is to have him rotate and extend that back leg and foot as his stride progresses near landing. In the front view it kind of takes a sideways path out and around. Rotate and extend.

All in all, great job.

Nice! He looks noticeably better. He seems to have maintained his same knee lift which is good. Have you noticed if his stride is a bit longer than before?

The staying stacked issue requires both flexibility and functional strength in the low back. Drills like “bridges” and “supermans” can help.

I noticed one other thing. When he is in the stretch, he starts with a rather wide stance. This requires a slight weight shift toward 2B before starting towards home plate. I’d suggest narrowing the stance so that lifting the knee doesn’t require the weight shift. Even in the stretch, he can get the hips going sooner. But the weight shift toward 2B will make that more difficult. It also creates unnecessary movement.

thanks for the feedback guys, and we’ll work on the suggested comments which make sense. He did the rocker step back just now and said it feels much easier to get the momentum going with that. I do think the stride is a tad bit longer as well.

I appreciate fighting through the darkness of these shots, but all in all I’m pleased that he feels better about his tempo and rythym now. This will take some time as he’s used to stop at the top, but we were pleased with his overall accuracy and pop to the glove. As I stated before, I don’t believe that too much info is a bad thing because even if one thing can help a little it’s well worth it. He doesn’t tend to think mechanics anyway as he shouldn’t, so it’s just a matter of getting used to it now, through repetition.

[quote=“joearnz”]I do think the stride is a tad bit longer as well.[/quote]That does happen with the momentum increase but it shouldn’t be a goal in itself. It’s the sideways momentum, rhythm and tempo that he should focus on.

Looks solid to me.

I would forget about the wind-up since it’s not gaining him anything (and it’s a little jerky) and just go from the Set position.

Interesting: Prior to the adjustment to get the hips started earlier (i.e. the stop at the top clip from a month ago) I timed the video from when the stride foot picks up to ball release.

He was about 1.47 seconds in the old clip from a month ago. (I still remember that warm winter day) Now he is about 1.03-1.05 seconds which probably is a tad to quick.

From the lift of the knee to its apex to ball release used to be 1.10 seconds and it changed to around .71, .75 and .80 around there.

I timed a few other guys on this board such as videos of Brandon Morrow the pitcher from California and he is about .80 or .77 from top knee at apex to release

Other college pitchers were about this .80 number so he’s around the ballpark now there with his tempo

He has picked up some speed and his control is pretty good. He has to keep working like everyone else…

I can definitely see the tempo change .

We’ve also included some recommendations like the step back instead of to the side and some other good stuff on here

I’m not in love with his arm action as he looks like a long armer, but it’s tough to change him from that to the inverted W or the W with a 45 deg. angle. He looks more like a 125 deg. angle action…but it’s hard to tell I guess in this video

Is it true that you can’t throw hard with a long arm action and it’s best to throw the ball from the ear or from an inverted W

I like his arm action and wouldn’t change it.


Unless, that is, you think a 95 MPH fastball is slow.

Here’s Roy Oswalt throwing 95 MPH while…

  1. NOT making the Inverted W.

  2. Long-arming the ball.

This is the kind of arm action that I look for when scouting guys.

And to think that Nyman accuses me of using scare tactics.


I know it may not be the most efficient, but it’s tough to change his arm action at this point…14 years old etc.

could be done but tryouts start in a few weeks

[quote=“joearnz”]I know it may not be the most efficient, but it’s tough to change his arm action at this point…14 years old etc.

could be done but tryouts start in a few weeks[/quote]

His current arm action is plenty efficient given that it’s very similar to Oswalt’s.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Thanks for the time guys.

kid made JV team …and has been throwing well…he seems to think he’s gained 3 to 4 mph with a little hip movement

I’ve had him out and he’s throwing hard and hitting spots

Kid pitched in the first game the other day. I missed it on business of course, but the wife had some clips on film. His velocity was good but he didn’t have the control that he usually has. He seemed to throw well when pitching from the windup. However, I noticed that when a baserunner got on, and he went to the stretch, he went into almost a slide step. Where he would pick his front foot up and take it off the ground about 3 inches and 5 inches back towards 2nd and then forward…I have no idea why he was doing this.

Anyway he said his release point was off during the game. I told him it was likely because when he wasn’t using any knee lift in the stretch it was throwing his timing off. He said he didn’t even realize he wasn’t using his normal knee lift.

I showed him clips from the stretch where he was still getting his knee up to his waist. Is there any other quick reminders I can get him to think about just to calm down and not rush things from the stretch. It appeared he was pretty solid from the windup and he only got hit hard when throwing from the stretch. I think when his arm tired a little in the 3rd inning, the pseudo slide step hurt him because he wasn’t getting full core into his pitching.

He also didn’t throw over to hold the runner on, or step off or alternate his start…1, 3 5 seconds…I’d rather see him do that and take a normal knee lift to the waist from the stretch

I agree.

He was probably rushing due to the slide step.

To make the slide step work, you have to speed up your arm action or your timing will be off.