Freshman Pitcher - four camera angles (updated video)

(Please scroll down a bit to see a better video. Any comments will be appreciated!)

14-year old Freshman - just made the HS JV team. Throwing fastball 74 mph. In my opinion, the drive towards the plate needs to be stronger - more hips, more stride. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Is this really you letting it go or are you trying to show us something specific. You look very mechanical, almost like you are posing at times. I would really like to see you at game speed vs guiding the ball…throw it kid.

Ditto: Would like to see what it looks like in a game situation where you’re throwing the ball. Looks as if you’re warming up in the pen and throwing easy.

Ditto: Would like to see what it looks like in a game situation where you’re throwing the ball. Looks as if you’re warming up in the pen and throwing easy.[/quote]

That’s fair. I will try to get another video up soon - with him “bringing it” . Opening game is in a few days and he’ll likely get on the mound.

Like the Lincecum shirt. And 74 is pretty good for a freshman.

Like the woods in the background. :slight_smile:

OK, here’s another video - still not game situation, but coming a little harder than the last one. I added some slo-mo as well. Let me know what you think.

Finally some game speed! Game one - Topped out at 77 through two innings of work with most fastballs in the low 70s and off speed in low 60s. Frustrating outing - did not get much defensive support. Struck out 4, unfortunately, two were dropped by the catcher and batter reached first :frowning: Got lots of ground balls; it’s just tough when you have to get 6-7 outs per inning!

Here’s a few pitches from stretch.

What the heck, JV team booting the ball around and JV catchers dropping balls, really!!! sounds like some expectations need to be raised!

Just glancing at your two sets of videos. You’re definitely much smoother and a lot less mechanical. Best of luck! I know how stressful defense can be at time.

Last year, 14 kids tried out for the freshman team at the HS - not much depth. No one was cut. The JV team this year is made up of good kids - they just don’t have much experience playing at a high level. I don’t know why baseball is so thin in our district, but it shows on the field.

Pitching is my son’s favorite spot and he works hard to get better, but he’s the only one on the team that the coach trusts as a catcher - so that’s where he has been so far this season (before today). I’m not sure when he’ll get another shot on the mound. He’s frustrated! Any advice?

Warning, proud dad alert!!!

Last weekend, my son (the subject of this thread) was called up on varsity as an extra arm for a HS tournament. The varsity had a pre-district game scheduled for the following Tuesday and the coach wanted to save the top 2 arms for those games. Despite resting the top pitchers, the team was doing well in the tournament - winning the first three games. My son didn’t play in those first three games, but on the fourth game, he got the call - to start!!!

Not only was this his first game on varsity as a freshman, it was for the tournament title, and… it would secure the first winning season for the program in years. No pressure!

Well, he was nervous at first (not as nervous as me), but he settled down and pitched great. He mixed it up well and kept the ball down for the most part and allowed just one unearned run on 2 hits in three innings to get the win (8-1). What a great experience. He had only seen the mound twice on JV because he was the starting catcher, but his love is pitching. Now he’s got the varsity coach’s eye for next year! Here’s a clip of his first varsity strikeout.


Well done. As we get older it is tough to remember back to how tough that is. He is a freshman (14 or 15) competing against 18 year old guys. Not an easy jump to make. Congrats again.