Freshman mechanics


I know this is a short clip and pretty far away, but does anything stick out to anyone? Doesn’t have to be just mechanics either. Kid’s 5’8" - about 135lbs. Velocity is pretty low at mid-upper 60’s, but has good control of fastball, change and curve.


Viking, How old is he? I’m not the best one out here to give advice but I’ll share a Couple of things I noticed. First want to ask if this is his normal leg lift or is he using a slide step? Second is need better glove side control, he’s dropping his glove, third it looks like he’s wrapping his pitching arm behind him (think equal & opposite). Last it looks like he’s stepping out towards the plate rather than leading with his hips. The leg is out there but the hip is lagging. Seems to finish well. Hope others with more knowledge than me will chime in. Best of luck.


Good points from Pitcher17. Here’s one additional suggestion:

  1. I’m not a fan of the slide step because it doesn’t allow him to generate any momentum in the initial part of his delivery. So his bottom half goes forward before ever having a chance to load up on the back leg first. Remember, pitching is a sideways lunge movement. The more aggressive a pitcher is lunging from the back foot to the front foot, the better/harder he’ll throw. When the lower half goes out too early – like your son does by slide stepping – he’s never able to load any weight on the back foot and therefore doesn’t generate any momentum. That’s why it looks like he’s “stepping” and not “lunging”. We want lunging!


Good observations guys. He’s 15 - gonna be 16 in about a month. Part of the reason for the slide step is the fact that our catcher is not the quickest or hardest throwing cat so he’s doing his best to control the running game by being quick to the plate. As you can see in the video though, once a runner is on he can pretty much run at will anyway. I’ve been trying to get him more hip-centric when we throw together, but it looks like we need to keep working! thanks again guys.


He’s got a quick arm, probably from using slide step. Get his lower body involved and his velocity should improve a lot. Personally I despise the slide step. HS coach makes pitchers use with runner on second but not on first. Still haven’t figured that one out.


You’re right - that makes absolutely no sense.