Freshman LHP


I currently just entered high school as a freshman and I’m 14 (2022) , 6’1 150 lbs. I’m a LHP and I sit 78-79 and I max at 80 mph. Just curious how u guys feel I’m doing and if D1 could possibly be in the future for me.


I think that if you can take it 85 or 88 you have a shot to play d1. But I do believe that you should have other programs in mind other than d1’s. have you considered d2 and d3’s because thoose division still have very good schools. Anyway, goodluck in your baseball journey.


I think if you pan out correctly you have D1 written all over you. I was 6’0” 150 as a RHP my freshman year and in the summer after my freshman year I topped at 81. A 2022 LHP in my area at 6’0” 150 recently topped 82 and committed to Virginia. I committed to a D1 school after my sophomore year. I was able to make the jump from 81 to 86 in one year. Keep working hard, do the right things with your body and your arm and your chances will be high. Good luck.