Freshman LHP Please review my mechanics!

I’m new on this site and i would really appreciate some help to both make my mechanics better and throw harder.

Please help me out


This is my son. I posted some video of him about 2 months ago. Since that time, we have been studying the great advice and comments on this website and trying to improve LHP 13’s mechanics and velocity. As you can see, he has decided to “join” after looking over my shoulder for the last few months.

We would really appreciate some advice. I think I’m spent!!!

Thanks, guys, and keep up the great work.

Nice, got some nice size, I like the way you load, keep working on that bottom half.
Get us some side (1st base side) views.
Have you been gunned? It looks like you’ve got solid velocity. You’ve got all the basics…keep tweaking slowly and work for best efficiencies. Use the body…you got a solid looking one…use the best assets you have to your advantage.

Thanks, JD. I’ll comment for LHP 13 since he’s in school (at least he better be!!!). Here’s a side view for you…sorry about that…I know you’ve been through this with your son so I REALLY, REALLY appreciate you taking the time to look at this (and don’t feel it necessary to be gentle!).

Take care…

P.S…he has not been clocked; so, no idea. Maybe you can venture a guess.

I won’t guess but for his size, arm action and arm speed, he’s got nothing but ups, I’d say very definately above lefty average. I don’t see a major problem area. Get as arm health knowledgeable as you guys can and practice it like a religion, grades in front of everything no matter, like it or not. Dedicate, buy into the program (Believe in your abilities and capabilities…Bob Shepherd the pitching coach at the University of North Florida preaches thinking and projecting the image of a pitcher is very very important). FOCUS like a lazer beam on your end goal…if its to pitch in college or the pro’s you need to get busy and stay busy. Work with a purpose and goals that are short term and aimed at the long term…but don’t be afraid to adjust if it isn’t working exactly as planned…coaches love this ability in a high level pitcher almost as much as high velocity.
Stay with us through your years it will be great to see how high you reach 8)

Great advice, JD. Will do. Thanks for the comment about grades…I couldn’t agree more. I will keep you posted and will keep my obsession with this site!

Talk to you soon.

Thanks for the comments guys, and don’t worry Dad i was in school. I really look forward to getting better and improving my mechanics. jdfromfla I understand how much grades matter and I’m working hard. Again thanks for the advice. Every little thing helps.

here are my humble opinions and im not an expert but its up to you to take it or not

your arm swing

remainds me of the following pitchers:

Ben Sheet,
Rich Harden
Chad Billingsley
Derek Holland

(they all suffer from shoulder injury)

they have 1 sign which is shows the ball to 2nd base
and lefty (will point to 3rd base first then 2nd base)
righty (point to 1st base first then 2nd base)

it means your arm swing is swing far too big

(i think start the arm swing from side is enough not from back)
like Mariano Rivera, Roy Oswalt
they start from side not from back

Thanks, hydejing. I’m sorry but I’m not following you. Can you please try to explain, again? Are you referring to the throwing arm or lead arm or both? Thanks for your time.

Just wanted to address a small issue, that may help improve velocity and/or control. When his hands break you see that his right shoulder actually lifts above his left shoulder…I have had this same problem and it actually causes you to lean back meaning your body has to do even more work to make everything come back to throw the ball. Just get him to do some windups without a ball just running through his motion emphasizing his front shoulder stay lower then his back shoulder. It doesn’t have to be really low, just so that it’s even or slightly lower. I found it helped me a lot and it’s a small easy fix. Best of luck, definitely looks like with some work he can throw some cheese!

Thank you for comment and I appreciate your help. We’ll work on that.

Here is a little diagram to give you an idea what I mean. Black is where he is, red is where he should be closer to.][img][/img

Excellent. Thanks.

Thanks guys, I see how my front shoulder is lifting also, I will work on that. Thank you for the diagram also, I didn’t realize how much i was off. Again thanks, every piece of advice helps.

im refer to your throwing arm

the arm that holds the ball

when you start your arm swing (not start with elbow first which is a good start)

try don’t show the ball the Centre Field (CF or 2nd base)

my internet is running out of limit this april

1st of may i will explain with picture ^^

[quote=“CanadianBall51”]Here is a little diagram to give you an idea what I mean. Black is where he is, red is where he should be closer to.][img][/img

Nonesense. Stay with that black line!

What I see he needs to work on is quit trying to look so perfect out there and get a little “giddyup” and get his @$$ moving.


Move and throw the ball like you mean it. :twisted:

Couldn’t agree more, you gotta go out there and try and throw the ball through the catcher. I was just stating a problem I’ve had, fixed, and noticed results when it comes to velocity and accuracy.

Thanks for the advice. I have heard the pitch with intent before and i will work on it. Anything else i should be worried about in regrades to my motion?

So are you saying I should be keeping my shoulders on the angle?