Freshman in College Pitching Mechanics

I’m an 18 yr old, 5 11 180 pound Freshman and I currently sit at 84-85. I would love to know if through fixing anything with my mechanics, that I could throw even harder.


To me, it looks like you’re lower half is a bit rough, based on that angle. Not rotating into footplant (seem to be front leg dominant) and your front leg isn’t bracing well.

For example, watch how Tom Seaver’s back leg/hip rotates (even though his front leg is significantly bent).

Also, here’s good use of hips (Felix Hernandez).

It may be worth taking a look at BTT’s Core Velocity Belt (which gets you to feel good lower half actions).

What do you feel with your legs and hips?

I feel like I end up cutting myself off a little bit with my lower half. My motion is slow but I explode off of the mound, but that’s something I’ve never heard before. How can I work on this?

Here’s some stuff that might help:

And there’s good stuff here around 1:50:

Also, here’s info on the core velo belt and what it looks like.