Freshman baseball

i need help please…
im 14 going on 15
im a freshman im trying out.
last time i checked(in 8th grade) i threw 55-60mph.
im guessing that rightnow, i throw about 65… i rele dont have the location but ive been practicing…tryouts are next week and i need advise.
i have a fastball
a bad change-up
a knuckler
a curve ball that only curves ocassionally… please help…i need it

Its kind of hard to give you advice without a video or without you telling us what kind of grip your using on these pitches. Are you a RHP or LHP, do you throw over the top or Side arm?

With a video of your mechanics, I myself, or somebody else on this site will deffinatley be able to help with the accuracy problems. 9 times out of 10 there is a small problem with mechanics that lead to pitchers being innacurate.

If you cant find a video of yourself and cant make one (currently my problem), I dont know if I can help you, but someone else may.

watch alot of videos of pros and see what they do right and try to copy them. find a pitcher that throws like you.

thanks for the advice… im a rhp and i throw sidearm knuckler

keep working/practicing (ongoing).

If you make the team, the extra experience will provide for an opportunity to continue developing your pitches.