Freezing Cold

The 2020 season is coming up and I have a scrimmage to pitch in in about a week, the weather here in Tennessee is still in the thirties and forties. Does anybody have any advice for dealing with this. How to stay focused, how to stay warm, warmup advice, anything else that comes to mind.

Florida is nice this time of year.

Stretch good, jog a couple of poles, do a few sprints, air squats, squat jumps, and then do your bands. All of this before you pick up a ball to start throwing.

Get completely hot and stretched out before you pick up a ball. Put simply, you should warm up to throw, do not throw to warm up.

Once hot, stay hot. Wear the heaviest coat you can find when you come off the mound. Don’t sit on the bench, keep moving. If your offense has a long half inning grab a teammate and lightly toss on the side.


Put a Hot Pocket in your pocket.

Play third base as that is the Hot Corner.

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Mindset…you have a tremendous advantage. No hitter wants to hit in cold weather. Do not be scared to throw inside. I would like inside in weather like that. You got this.