Free Stuff :D

Got an email from my college coach asking for my hat size, pant size, shorts size, and shirt size. This got me thinking about what to expect as far as equipment goes in college. I’m going to a D3 school which doesn’t have an official sponsor as far as I know of…Practice sweats? Tee shirts?

What kind of gear do you all get from your school?

I’m hoping to find out the 2nd week of September!

It really depends on the program and how much money they have or if they have sponsor(s).

One program I played for we didn’t get anything free but we were able to get sweat pants and hoodies and shirts and shorts for at cost prices with our school logo and ball related prints on them.

Another program gave us practise uni’s, extra hats and shirts for free but charged us for hoodies, sweat pants shorts and golf shirts but all that money went towards the program. This program also had a connection with Rawlings so we got discounts on anything we bought through Rawlings with a certain rep.

We got a hat, pants, two workout shirt, two practice shirts, cleats, turfs and two pairs of shorts… We did some minor fundraising as a team to help pay for this stuff this year since we did some major field renovations (stuff is usually free from sponsor), but it was worth it to see our field looking better then ever.

Im not sure what i get gonna find out next year but my team is sponsored by nike so i assume its going to be some nice goodies in there.