Free Pitching Mechanics feedback



Welcome to the forum. You’ve got good size and a lot of good things working for you. A couple of suggestions to get you started:

You finish very stiff and upright. I’d like to see you bend more at the waist and have a flatter back at ball release.

I’d also like to see your momentum moving your whole body forward at ball release and not back up the mound. Everything should be moving forward. You have a tendency to wrap around your stride leg at foot plant so your body is moving back up the mound instead of toward home.


He seems to lock his body out from finishing by posting on his heel instead of finishing with his weight over the front foot.


Pretty sure I see a glove pull which usually leads to early shoulder rotation. And that will prevent maximum hip and shoulder rotation (which robs velocity), prevents you from getting out over the front foot, and can cause the arm to have to play catch-up leading to front side elbow pain.

When you extend your throwing arm back and your glove arm forward into your “opposite & equal” position, the glove should not subsequently come back from the further forward position it achieves (well, at least not before ball release). Instead, it should turn over and stabilize somewhere over the front foot while the body tracks towards it. This should allow you to delay your shoulder rotation and all of the bad things that go with it.

Given your age and how engrained this movement pattern probably is, this may be a hard habit for you to change. But it’s still worth trying due to the ramifications for both performance and health.