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Dan Ketchersid
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OK Dan, correct me if I’m wrong but there is one review for your ebook and it is excellent ! Posted November 6th, 2012.

[quote]excellent, November 6, 2012
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This review is from: 3 Steps to a Major League Swing (Kindle Edition)
If your son/daughter is having difficulty with hitting this is an excellent book to help with speed and accuracy! My son was having difficulties making contact, within a month he was making solid contact. Within 2 months he was making double plays! This book is a MUST read!![/quote]

Does your hitting ebook really teach a kid how to make double plays? If so, no thanks!

Dino, I downloaded the book and not so bad. Kinda Step 1 - Step 5 way to hit. Now that is so funny about the review…hilarious if I do say. I haven’t read anything yet on how to hit into a double play…I am guessing the reviewer meant “hitting doubles”. So funny!!!

Yeah, I was also confused because the review was written 18 days ago and the double plays were happening within two months of reading the ebook. I think that deserves a green wink… :greenwink: