Freddie Garcia Clip?

Does anyone have a video clip, not a still, of Freddie Garcia? A downloadable “gif”, “mov”, “avi”, “mpg” or “mpeg” would be best.

On this note: If anyone has “video clips” of other pitchers, we’d like to add it to the Video Library. About 35 additional videos will be added today. PM me or Roger or DM59 and we’ll post them in the library. Thanks!!

Nothing? Chris?

I just uploaded 60 pitching videos in the Pitching Video Library. Check them out – and use them in your discussion of pitching mechanics.

speaking about those videos, i really love jason schmidt’s mechanics.

That Eck video is a classic, too! Thanks for posting it, 4pie!


I was looking for this also… Just cant find it anywhere on the net!

Try looking in Google using the .mov extention in your search – it’s a Quicktime file. So the search might be: “freddy garcia .mov” or something like this. If you find it, I’ll add it to the library.

Finally I got something.

Its him warming up in the bullpen.

His arm action is strange, how he stops at high cocked position.

Why does he lift his glove side arm so high???

EDIT: His finish is great, but I doubt he finishes like that when he tries to pitch harder (never saw him pitch in a game).

Nikae I wouldn’t say his finish is great in his bullpen, not much of a follow through. But with his glove high like that he can really pull his body through.

I meant he finishes in good fielding position.

You can take almost nothing from this clip. Nikae09’s comment about this not being game level effort is bang on. I’d very much like to see game footage of him.