Francisco Liriano's Tommy John Surgery

does anyone think he’ll come back strong like the 2006 season… and dont you think it was not smart of him to not tell the coaches about his pain in his elbow???

Not telling the pain just means he loves baseball more than money. he wanted to play not to sit down on his ass and watch guys playing. not alot of guys are like that. schilling is an other good exemple. Don’t call him stupid, respect people like that. Don’t think “there’s other seasons” even your next start is too far from you when you really do it for the love of it.

that’s my opinion, which you asked for.

I understand the passion he has for the game, but in my opinion it wasn’t the smartest either. Sure he wanted to play, but what if he had seriously hurt his arm, i mean to the point that he would be out for an entire season. Then what will he do? If a few starts are alot to him, what do you think an entire seasons would do to him? If your elbow is hurting to the point that you need surgery I think the only wise decision is to tell someone cause theres probably soemthing you’re doin wrong. If u dont fix it then its just gonna keep happening, maybe even more severe than the previous time.

that’s a good outside point of view, but imagine being in the majors, imagine your dream becoming true, what can stop you from doing it out of getting both of your legs cut?

anyway, we can argue about that for days but the point is that i would have done the exact same thing in his situation.

No i understand your point of view but the fact is that there is no way he was gonna be let go if he said his elbow was hurting him.

well yea anyone would probably think if i tell them i have pain they’ll take me out the rotation and there goes my chance but now in the long run hes out for a few months … hard decision but payed the price :frowning:

I got this weird feeling that he will not be able to regain his form when he comes back

I think his form might suffer a bit but I think he’ll get into a groove and be just fine. As for his speed most pitchers come back from Tommy Johns surgery throwing harder, I dont know if its possible for him though, since hes already blazing fast, but u never know.

pedro dropped a lot but i believe it’s on purpose.