Fourth pitch?

i throw a 2 seam fb/ 4 seam fb
a curve
and a change-up

any suggestions on learning a new pitch?

maybe a sinker or cutter

are either of those bad for your arm?

honestly i dont know

Sinker and cutter shouldn’t, if thrown correctly.

what are the most effective grips for those pitches

Different people teach it different ways. Me, I can throw a sinker regardless with my two seam fastball, even my 4 seamer sinks a tad. Really I’m kind of in a confusion of what arm angle to throw with and everything, but for a sinker i think the general idea is for less backspin, because, backspin pulls the ball back up, usually why a 4 seamer usually just goes straight with little movement, and top spin, gets the ball to break downwards, like a curveball. So the idea is to not get as much back spin if you throw it high 3/4 or straight over the top. I’ve heard different views. One is to grip it like a two seam, along the “rail road tracks” and to shift your thumb straiught under the ball, split between the fingers, and more pressure on your middle finger, less with the index. For me this sunk less, but was a bit of a cutter. Another way I’ve heard is to put your fingers together on the right seam(if your a righty) but with the fingerpads on the leather, as little of your finger on the seam as possible. The idea is for less backspin it will break down a bit more. Now I’m tired and rambling so this might be garbled, i’ll try to clear it up later.

For a cutter I’ve heard to grip it like a 4 seam, but turn the ball around, so your throwing it on an angle of the seams sort of. For me that was had the later, sharper break. I always got more break, but it got hammered sometimes, with the two seam grip but finger underneath and more pressure on the middle finger.

Well first off how old are you?

Theres no reason for you to have to add another pitch.

You should really focus on mastering all of those pitches.

Heres a good topic about the cutter.

but personally I don’t think you have a need for another pitch. You have everything you could possibly need. Plus the cutter could mess with your curve-ball. I threw a curve then learned the cutter and I liked my cutter better so I kept that because it was messing up my already not-so-good curve.

Can you locate all of your pitches good?

im 15 about to be 16

i can locate my change and fastball pretty well

but the only way i can constantly throw strikes with my curve ball is to slow my arm down alot

which really tells the pitch

hah, bower, i was just looking for that topic, but yeah, a cutter would be a good pitch to learn.