I want to talk to someone via chat about how to throw a four-seamer. If not chat, I guess we could try here, but I’m trying to work on a poem and I don’t really like showing work-in-progress to the general public, if you know what I mean.

I’m a complete ignoramus when it comes to the technical side of pitching but I have written about other positions in my poetry and would like to write about pitching, too. But there is so much that I don’t know where to start and figure this would be where I could start.

If you don’t think I’m serious, check out my blog. I really do write about baseball and I really haven’t written anything technical about pitching.

Amongst the things I want to do is write a set of “tanka” (which is a Japanese form of poetry similar to a haiku but longer) about each type of pitch and put them together as a whole collage-type poem.

So, will any of you help me? I’ll give you credit.

To get the real “feel” of this subject and to put it to paper, play the game.

Sweat, grind it out, dugout in the heat and rain, a score down by ten, no let up in sight form the mental migets behind you heckling every move you make, the soreness in your body after a twelvel hour bus trip, grease for breakfast that keeps telling you … not again!!!, and most of the other stuff that you’ll write about but never catch the eye of the reader - much less yourself.

Figure it this way, you’re trying to reach to a certain market, a reader base that’ll appreciate your experiences matching theirs. A kin, kind of, that you and the reader share something. In other words, put yourself in a new car dealership as a car salesman - if ya ain’t test driven the model … ya really can’t sell it. Get it.

So, lace up the spikes, play it in the dirt, get beat-up, get knocked down and out, sweat your XXXX off, and live before you write.

Better yet, strap on a catcher’s gear and volunteer to catch for a youth team’s batting practice - then go out and toss a few without a protective screen. All this in … oh … about 98 degrees with a breeze in sight… ya that ought to do it, for starters.

Any questions scooter?

Coach Baker

Oh, I also wanted to mention WHY players, play this game.( Kind of a mixed message, really.)

No one really “plays”, and this is not a “game”. Baseball is a spirt, a “something” that’s like a religion to a lot of us. A field of honor by those with honor. An unspoken life style that reaches far beyond all other things. A very complicated set of rules … that even has room for a certain amount of bending those rules, pride that goes beyond the grave, and a judgement process that pits all those that tug at the bill of their caps to those that came before them. This thing baseball is a test, and a pass or fail grade, of the most basic of human qualities - acceptance of anyone who can play … and even room for those that can’t.

We’re a strange lot … but we are what we are … baseball people. A family, sort of.

Want to be a cousin? The family table has room in the dugout for the straight shooter, not necessarily all that good looking, but fair and reasonable.

Coach Baker

[quote=“Coach Baker”]To get the real “feel” of this subject and to put it to paper, play the game.

I would LOVE to. More than anything else in the whole wide world.

But I was born with cataracts and have nearly no vision to speak of.

Can you show me how to grip a fastball with words rather than pictures?


At the very top of this web site there is a topic bar that runs along the total length of this page. On it you’ll find:


“Click” on is amoung those subjects. There, you’ll find the four seam fastball, in addition to others.

From your post with respect to your eyesight, I’m assuming that you’re up in age and this is something that’ll direct your time and efforts in an interesting way. If I’m correct, had you posted that in the beginning it would have helped.

In any event, I hope this supports your fact-finding.

Coach B.