Four seam side spin. Help

Whenever I throw my four seam fastball I have a side spin rather than a back spin. As I am right now, most people struggle to hit it since I throw 85 as a left hander. Based on what I see, the ball has a late tail and allows me to strike a lot of people out. My question is if I should fix this or not because I don’t know if this side spin would be effective or not in college. Thank you for your time.

You’re probably cutting the ball. This means at release point your hand is turned over instead of straight.

Ya but should I fix my cut or leave it as it is. I get quite a bit of movement but I don’t know if this cut will benefit me in the long run or not

my personal opinion on the matter is that if it doesn’t lead to injury and it works, why change it? at 85mph you don’t want to have a flat fastball unless you’re pitching for a homerun derby.

The word “tail” is normally used to describe movement to the throwing arm side which implies you pronate the pitch. And that means it should be fairly safe. So I don’t think there is anything to fix. Movement is a good thing. Some pitchers can’t buy movement on their fastballs.