Four Pitchers who hit 90MPH+

PG Indoor Pitcher’s and Catchers Showcase

Came across this link to a video of the Top 4 High Velo guy’s at the Showcase thought you guy’s might enjoy seeing it.

If the above link doesn’t work try this one
I’m posting from my phone so I’m unsure if the first link will work.

Very nice. Especially like the lefty at 94.

Glad the links work.

I got a laugh at the one hitters face after watching the FB go bye.

Good stuff. I sure hope to see my kid in one of these in the next couple of years.

I’m sure it’ll happen if he keeps working hard.

It’s always amazed me at how many guy’s are throwing that hard this late in the winter at this event over the years.

I watched Dunlap hit 95 then 96, yesterday.

Pretty mean.

Whose Dunlap?

He is the stocky right hander, not too tall. He is committed to Texas Tech

Thanks for filling me in.

I read up on the kid looks like he’s got a lot of College’s after him, be interesting to see if he honours his verbal to Texas Tech or jumps to “greener” pastures.

I’ll have to remember to follow him, he’s got my attention that’s forsure.

We’ll we get to face Devin Williams this year in conference, throws hard, but I heard he’s wild. It’ll be exciting facing someone that is somewhat highly touted this year!

So I think Dunlap decommitted… but I’m not to sure.